Need a new idea for fundraising? Try Tulips!

We can offer you a fun, easy, and calorie free way to earn money and brighten up someone’s day! With a variety of colors and up to two weeks of bloom, who can say no to a fresh bouquet of tulips? Easter, Birthday, and wiping away the winter blues, Tulips are great for all occasions.

We have tulips available starting at the end of March and available through the first week of May, weather dependent. They come in prepackage bouquets of ten stems in a bunch and have printed instructions of how best to take care of them to make them last, wrapped is a recyclable plastic sleeve. Color availability changes based on the week and what is blooming and ready for picking.
tulip bouquet_1  tulip bouquet cut flowers 4 tulip bouquet_2

We sell bunches of tulips to you at a discounted fundraiser price, and anything you charge on top of that cost is yours to keep! Orders for the fundraiser price have an order minimum of five boxes, each box contains 20 bouquets of ten stems. Each box of 20 bouquets is $130 which breaks it down to a cost of $6.50 per bouquet. We cannot guarantee specific colors. Tulip prices are based on pick up orders. We can ship tulips for an additional fee to be charged based on shipping location. 

There are two different ways that you can go about having a fundraiser with our farm-fresh tulips:

  • Take pre-orders of bunches of tulips so you know how many bouquets that you will need. Basic colors available include red, purple, yellow, pink and mix.
  • Order a specific number of boxes at the fundraiser price and sell until you run out! (Unsold tulips are not returnable.)

Call or email for current color availability or more information on how to get a tulip fundraiser started.
503-634-2243 or