Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloons are very weather dependent. There are a number of balloonists that are going to be trying to come out each weekend if the weather allows. Once we have confirmed information we will try our best to  post it on our Facebook page There are a number of balloonists that are booking full flights and you can contact them below. There is also tethered rides available, weather dependent. For questions about flying feel free to call the HOT AIR BALLOON HOTLINE: 503-877-4693


For information about flying or scheduling balloon rides contact one of the Balloonists below:

  1. Portland Rose Hot Air Balloons: Derek (503) 638-1301
  2.  I’ll Fly Away Hot Air Balloon Adventures Greg Miller: 503-510-7835
  3. Robert Raper: 406-853-2498;
  4. Carmen Blakely: 503-757-7924
  5. Cheryl Isaacs: 971-226-7239 cell;>
  6. Willamette Valley Balloons: 971-444-5125;
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