Fresh flowers available right off the farm!

Fresh cut flowers available onsite at our Market and Gift Shop from March-April (dates vary depending on weather). Call 503-634-2243 for current blooming status.


Field Tulips

$7.00 per bouquet (10 stems)

3 bouquets – $20.00
20 bouquets assorted colors pre-ordered (we choose) – $100.00
20 bouquets custom box pre-ordered (you choose) – $120

Color choices depend on the time of year and the weather. We pick tulips at a closed bud stage, before it opens, which means that sometimes when it is blooming in the field it is too late to pick them. 

Special Orders

Fresh flowers perfect for weddings, birthdays, receptions, services and more. Call 503-634-2243 or email at for information about placing an order, availability and color information. For orders of specific colors of more than 15 bouquets please call at least three days in advance so we can make sure to have your requested amount and colors available. We can not guarantee specific names. We place orders on color, red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, multicolored. Just because we carry the flower in a bulb form on our website does not mean we have it for a cut flower. Certain varieties are too short to pick.

Fresh Flower Shipping Chart

While we do ship fresh flowers anywhere in the continental USA we have to ship them next day air which gets expensive the farther from Oregon we ship.

  • We send them in groups of 3 bouquets of Tulips (30 stems)
    • Oregon & Washington – $40.00 (includes tulips and shipping)
    • Continental USA – $20.00 + UPS next day air shipping fee
  • Call 1-800-711-2006 or 503-634-2243 for more information
    about color choices, availability, or to place an order.
    shipping chart