Landscaping Ideas

  • Plant a variety of spring blooming bulbs; it will give you a longer bloom time. As a rule, planting bulbs in clusters is more effective and striking than planting in uniform rows. Try alternating plantings with different blooming times so that the garden continues to provide color over a longer season.
  • The number of bulbs to use in each area or bed is determined by the gardener and the requirements of the particular bulb species. Some people like to plant them thicker, whereas others prefer to spread them out. The following numbers are given as a guideline:
The following numbers are given as a guideline: (# of bulbs per square foot)
Alliums 5
Crocus 10-15
Daffodils 5
Fritillarias 3
Hyacinths 5
Iris reticulata 10-15
Tulips 8-10

A quick way to figure the number of bulbs you will need is to spread your fingers and think of each hand as being a group of 5 bulbs. Each handprint that fits in your flower bed counts as 5.

Below is a quick reference chart for large plantings:(# of bulbs needed)
Sq. Ft. 4″ apart 6″ apart 8″ apart 10″ apart
50 450 200 112 75
100 900 400 225 150
250 2250 1000 550 360
500 4500 2000 1125 720