• Will you sell out? Should I register early?
    You can register the day of but we can not guarantee that we will have all T-shirt sizes.
  • Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
    No. Sorry we do not transfer to others. When you registered you accepted the waiver and agreement. The waiver is for the registered participant ONLY.
  • Are walkers allowed to participate?
  • Can I register the day of the race?
    Yes, but we cannot guarantee T-shirt sizes.
  • Is there a separate start for slower runners/walkers?
    No. All participants start at the same time.
  • Can my dog run with me?
    Yes, pets are allowed.
  • Are headphones allowed during the run?
    Yes. Please be aware of your surroundings and courteous to others while running with headphones
  • Where can I see my results?
    Since this is a Fun Run there will be not official results but we will have timers onsite so be sure to check with at the end of the race for times.
  • How is this course marked?
    We use orange cones and stakes with orange flagging tape. We strive to make every attempt to have a very well-marked course.
  • Do I have to wear my race number?
    Yes. On the front and visible during the run and at the finish! If we can’t see your race number, you may not be listed in the results. Absolutely NO bandits allowed to participate! This takes away from the people who have registered.
  • Are you selling t-shirts?
    Yes. Shirts are included with your entry and are available to purchase day of race.
  • What clothing should I wear?
    This will definitely depend on the weather conditions on race day. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast leading up to the race. Please come prepared, it will make a more enjoyable experience.
  • What kind of shoes should I wear?
    This race takes place on gravel, dirt, grass farm fields and mud and most conventional running shoes work just fine. There are sometimes uneven areas being a farm. Since this race takes place in late March, the chances of MUD are very likely!  Trail shoes are highly recommended.
  • 3K & 5K COURSE
    This is a scenic 3K & 5k farm run that starts and finishes at Wooden Shoe gardens.  The path includes a run through the tulip field, along hazelnuts, near coyote den and through farm fields.

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