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Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Field Report

Thursday April 17th  -  The fields are still gorgeous and now is the time to come.  These pictures were taken yesterday.  We had a little rain again last night but the fields are dry.  There will be spectacular color through Easter.  A couple varieties will need to be topped next week but we should still have good color through the 27th.  After that depends on the weather.  

The color around the old John Deere is still great.

The cows running through the field.

There were Sphinx moths by the tulip market on Tuesday morning.

Most of the flowers in the field are now wide open.

Another future farmer?

There are Candela in a big pot by the office that have been blooming for almost 3 weeks.  They are still pretty even now.

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2011 Highlights Video

Below is a recap of our 2011 season dedicated to our wonderful employees.





PS: All pictures taken this year are with a Canon Rebel T1i. >