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Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Field Report

August 15th: The grapes are ready! Stop by the next few weekends, Saturday & Sunday, from 12noon-5pm for U-pick table grapes; $1.50lb. We have four different varieties available, 2 whites and 2 reds.

  • Jupiter- Large oval shaped blue grape, seedless. This grape has a unique flowery muscat grape flavor that is much sweeter than your normal grape, great for eating.


  • Diamond Muscat- A seedless, white grape with a great sweet muscat flavor. This grape is great for eating or making homemade raisins.


  • Thomcord - This variety is a hybrid of Concord and Thompson seedless. It is a seedless grape that tastes like the grape juice you would buy in the store. Great for eating, juicing or making jelly.


  • Fresno- This grape is the most popular seedless white, and usually the kind you would find in the grocery store except grown locally the grapes are a little smaller and are packed with more flavor than those out of California. Great for eating.


Stop by the Gift Shop for a map and directions on how to pick the grapes. After picking your grapes wander the Gift Shop and check out the new merchandise and take a stroll through our 4 acre garden. While there aren't tulips blooming there are plenty of other beautiful summer plants in bloom.

gift shop     garden

sunflower    garden





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2011 Highlights Video

Below is a recap of our 2011 season dedicated to our wonderful employees.





PS: All pictures taken this year are with a Canon Rebel T1i. >