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Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Field Report

Wednesday April 23rd  -  The fields still have a lot of color.  We cleaned (topped)  a few varieties this week that were past bloom but decent color should remain through the weekend.  These pictures were taken yesterday.  

 ***Bring your boots, it's muddy!***

We had a showery day yesterday.  The field still has some great sections of color.

Same spot looking west.

And ANOTHER shot of the pink tractor.

And another one of the John Deere D.

We did have a visit by some Friesien Horses late in the day.  

Beautiful animals!

Freisian is a horse breed originating in Friesland, in the Netherlands so the tulips are a perfect backdrop for them.

In the middle ages, these animals were used as war horses because their size enabled them to carry a knight in armor.  


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Below is a recap of our 2011 season dedicated to our wonderful employees.





PS: All pictures taken this year are with a Canon Rebel T1i. >