Archery Tag® – Discontinued in 2021 

IN CONSIDERATION OF COVID-19 Archery Tag has been discontinued in 2021. Please check back at a later date or follow our social media for updates. 

Archery Tag combines the best aspects of dodge-ball & paintball into a fun, unique, and exhilarating game! Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is happy to offer this great game on our grounds. Available May – October


  • Pricing: $9 per person per (1) one hour. There will also be a deposit of $25 that will be returned as long as all the equipment; including all arrows; are returned.
    • There will be a fee of $2 per arrow for each missing arrow 
  • Players: There can be up to 20 players at one time (we have 20 bows and 20 helmets). Groups of larger than 20 can play tournament style games
  • Rules: Players must wear helmet at all times to play & sign a waiver before they play
  • Provided: We provide the space, equipment, and opportunity you bring the energy and fun!
  • Reservations: Call, 503-634-2243 or email to make your reservation today.

General Game Play for Archery Tag

The general object of the game is to choose teams and try to tag, or hit the opposing sides’ team first. Similar to dodgeball but instead of using balls you have to use the bow and arrow.


  • Add targets for 2 options of ending game: Hit all the targets out of the opposing team or all players. First team to do either wins
  • Timed games: Have a set amount of time allowed for each game and after the time runs out the team with the most players left wins. If playing with targets, team with the least amount of targets shot out wins.
  • Catch the Arrow: if an arrow is caught midair before touching the ground a member of the team that caught the arrow can rejoin the game.
  • For larger groups, tournament style games can be played keeping the winning team in the rink and the loosing team exiting.
  • Arrow Run: You can either have all arrows start in the middle of the playing field making people run for an arrow at the start of the game, or each player starts with a set amount.

Other Game Options

  • Open Season: Nothing to hide behind and players just run around counting on their own agility, speed, and teamwork to stay in the game.
  • Archery Golf: People are not the object of tagging but a designated target is chosen and each player must hit the target in as few shots as possible. Can choose one or more than one targets and add up how many shots at the end. (similar to Frisbee golf or normal golf)
  • Capture the Flag: Teams open to a larger playing field with flags or markers to hind on each side. Teams must then make it across the agreed upon center line to the opposing teams’ side to find, obtain, and take the flag or marker to their side. You can play this by allowing teams only to shoot at opposing team members when they are on their side or you can allow teams to shoot at all times, sending hit members to opposing teams prison. To get members out of prison, a member from their team must cross the center divider and make it to the jail without being tagged with an arrow. Once they tag one of their team members both players are allowed safe passage back across the center line.
  • Choose your Own: The beauty of Archery Tag is the flexibility of game variations. Combine a few options or design your own game with agreed upon rules for more fun!


A signed waiver must be submitted before you can take part in Archery Tag. For your convenience, you can download & print the waiver to complete before arriving.

Wooden Shoe Archery Tag® Single Waiver [PDF]