Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

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Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest

Annual Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest:
September 27th – November 2nd, 2014  

Mention the name “Iverson Family or Wooden Shoe” on a spring day in Oregon and the most likely response will be, “Oh, those beautiful tulips!” Barb Iverson, general manager of Iverson Farms and producer of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, hopes that Oregonians will become just as familiar with the family’s fall festival - the Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest.

“We see the desire for families to get out to the farm and experience memories that can’t be found in cities or suburbs,” said Barb Iverson. “And we have the experience and facilities to produce first class family-oriented events. Fall gives us the harvest season and Halloween to build around.”


Festival Hours
September 27th through November 2nd, 2014; 10am to 6pm daily.

Gift Shop open Daily
September 13th-November 2nd: 10am-6pm
During Haunting Nights open until 10pm

33814 S. Meridian Rd.
Woodburn, OR 97071

Phone (503) 634-2243
FAX (503) 634-2710

For more information call us toll free: 1-800-711-2006
Email us: office@woodenshoe.com 

Daily Admission:
Ages 2 and under: Free! 
Ages 3 & Up: $7
Senior Discount (60+): $5

Directions to the Fields

Visit our Directions page for full, up-to-date directions with multiple routes.

We will have pumpkin signs up at many of the intersections outside of Woodburn
leading to the farm, as well as at the entrance to help you find us.

Pumpkin Fest Daily Admission Includes:

  • Activity tents: Hands on tents and information exploring some of the different crops that we grow here on the farm:
    • Tulips Help us plant our tulips  
    • Roping stationNeighbor’s cows got out and need to be roped home.
    • Bean activityHelp us can our green beans
    • Grass seed tableTill, harvest and load the grass seed for market 
    • Corn BoxPlay in some of our farm grown corn.   .
    • Wheat grinderGrind some of our wheat to make flour.
    • Hazelnut boxDig in the nuts to find the Golden Hazelnut
  • Duck races
  • Tube slide
  • Pedal Trykes
  • Hay pile/tunnel & slide
  • Spider web
  • Cow train corn maze ride
  • Horse Swings
  • Scavenger/Chicken hunt
  • 9 acre walking Corn maze
  • Hay tractor ride
  • Pumpkin Patch- pumpkins extra

  • Paintball gallery open Saturday & Sundays
    *First handful free, extra paint available: 50 paint for $5.00 
  • Archery Tag
    Archery tag is a group activity that uses foam tipped arrows to either “tag”, hit all opposing players or hit all
    targets on their target board. Kind of like dodge ball.
    Try it out your arrow skills!

Food will be available on Saturday & Sunday from Mt. Angel Sausage Company

Pumpkin Prices: (prices based on size not weight)
small: $1.50
medium: $2.50
large: $5.00

Pumpkin Passes available for those who don’t want to
pay for the pumpkin fest but would like to get their pumpkin from the patch, ask the gift shop for details.

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