Pumpkin Fest Activities

Admission to the Wooden Shoe Pumpkin Fest includes:

  • Activity tents: Hands on tents and information exploring some of the different crops that we grow here on the farm:
    • Tulips – Help us plant our tulips
    • Roping station – Neighbor’s cows got out and need to be roped home.
    • Bean activity – Help us can our green beans
    • Grass seed table – Till, harvest and load the grass seed for market
    • Corn Box – Play in some of our farm grown corn.   .
    • Wheat grinder –Grind some of our wheat to make flour.
    • Hazelnut box – Dig in the nuts to find the Golden Hazelnut
  • Duck races
  • Tube slide
  • Pedal Trykes
  • Hay pile/tunnel & slide
  • Spider web
  • Horse Swings
  • Scavenger/Chicken hunt
  • 9 acre walking Corn maze
  • Pumpkin Cannon (only launching on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays) 
  • Cow train ride (only available on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)
  • Hay tractor ride (only available on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)
  • Archery practice Range: Try out your arrow skills with foam tipped arrows (only available on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)
    • Archery Tag (best for larger groups): Archery tag is a group activity that uses foam tipped arrows to either “tag”, hit all opposing players or hit all targets on their target board. Kind of like dodge ball. Ask an attendant if your group is interested in trying out a game.

Additional price activities:

  • Paintball Gallery Ride (only available on Saturdays & Sundays, 11am-5pm)
    50 paintballs for $5.00

    • October 1st- due to the mud run the paintball gallery ride will not be operating while the runners are out.
  • Choose a pumpkin from the pre-picked we have around the farm or pick your own from the patch
  • Pumpkin Prices: Orange, warty, white, pink & more available!
    (prices based on size not weight)
    small: $1.50
    medium: $2.50
    large: $5.00
    extra large: $7.00


Tam and Tree’s Art Entertainment Pumpkin Painting: Friday October 14th, 3-5pm

Date: October 14th, 3pm-5pm
Where: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Pumpkin Festival
: Ages 8+
Cost: $15.00, register by October 7th, 2016
Included in Class: Medium size pumpkin washed and ready to paint, instruction and use of acrylic paints, brushes, aprons and a special treat!

For more information or to sign up: Tam & Tree’s Art Entertainment