Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm offers Field Trips!

Spring Field Trips include

  • 15 Minute Greet & Talk:  Greeting by one of our Famers with a short talk catered to the age group.
  • Cow train/Shoe Ride: Each person in your group will receive a coupon to go at your leisure; (on sunny days there can be a line for the cow ride).
  • Tulip Field Access: Your field trip gives you and your group access to wander the tulip fields at your leisure, for as long as you would like. Don’t forget to take your group to the free kids’ area with slides, photo cut out boards, and the duck races.
  • Tulip: Each person gets a flower to take home. Depending on the time of season your group will either get to pick a flower from a designated section of the field or pick a tulip from a pre-picked bucket.

Available Times/Prices

  • Monday – Thursday, 9am-4pm
  • March 28th – April 27th, 2017
  • $5.00 per child; a free adult chaperone for every 3 paid children (minimum of 10 children for field trip prices)
  • Additional adults $5.00

Spring Field Trip Agreement

Fall Field Trips include

Thank you for everyone who has brought their classrooms out to our Pumpkin Festival over the past few years but due to our field rotation crop we are unable to host Fall Field Trips or a Pumpkin Festival this year.

Other Tour Information

For information about having someone speak to any type of tour that is visiting Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, please contact the office at least 3 days in advance: 503-634-2243 or office@woodenshoe.com